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Hi. So. What is this?

This is replacing the Patreon that I’ve had for years now.

Substack has writing at the forefront here, more so than Patreon ever did, so I want to post content that’s outside the remit of Stealth and other outlets, right to your mailbox.

I’ve also got much more control over here; so now I can finally offer discounts, trials and lots more without fear of it all breaking down.

While PAL KEYS and surprises will be on the podcast feed, there’s going to be newsletters sent almost every month.

Fair enough, but why a paywall?

I want to make sure that the hosting of PAL KEYS and the site, alongside funds towards the wedding can be supported through here. This is what your money is going to, and in return you get exclusive content sent straight to your mailbox.

I’ve explained why in more detail, which can be found here.

Essentially, I want to write about other topics that don’t fit the remit of other outlets, but in a format that’s akin to having a new issue of your favourite magazine arriving through your letterbox. You just won’t know when.

What Do I Get?

  1. Exclusive Newsletters every month.

  2. Book Things..

  3. A Podcast Feed that will host draft episodes of PAL KEYS and something else.

  4. Stickers if you would like one. I’ve got loads.

  5. Hopefully a nice feeling in your tummy that you’re supporting me.

What if I don’t want to pay?

That’s absolutely fine; I won’t hold it against you.


However, without sounding too cheesy; I love writing, so there are going to be free posts now and again. From extracts of the paid newsletter to other posts from time to time, just to give you an idea of what you’re missing.

However, if you simply can’t afford to; please have a chat with me. We can sort something out.

In the meantime, I have a 30-day trial available below, so you can see what I have to offer.

Get 30 day free trial

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