Breaking the Ice #2

Hello. Here's an update.

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Back in February, I launched this Substack, as a way of replacing the Patreon that I previously had, but also as a way of posting content that didn’t fit the remit of outlets I was writing at.

Now though, with the news that I’ve begun a staff role at TechRadar, I wanted to address the Metal Gear in the room.

First of all, to anyone who has subscribed, thank you! It means a lot.

To those who have subscribed with gold coins, I owe you a Gin once everything is fully healed. It means a hell of a lot.

So what’s happening to Daryl+ now that I have an actual writing job with a salary?

Well, this isn’t going anywhere. This Substack is primarily to support the hosting of PAL KEYS and the site, alongside funds toward the wedding next year.

To those who have subscribed, you’ve got further episodes of Outpost Show and PAL KEYS to come. At the time of writing, episodes have been edited and scheduled until the end of June. I’ve been preparing for this.

But I will say, posts/newsletters on random topics likely won’t be once a week as they have been anymore. At best, perhaps one a month.

However, in regards to posts about the book, there’s going to be newsletters all about that.

Last week, I sent over feedback for the final design and front cover for it, and all going well, there should be an announcement for its title and release date very soon.

Which is why the newsletter-side of this will mostly be all about the book now.

From pitching it, to planning it, to writing it.

There’s lots to talk about, so from now until the end of the year there’s plenty to post about it.

In all honesty, I can’t wait to start at TechRadar; it’s something I’ve been working toward for years now, and I want to give 110%. I also can’t wait to show you all the book, as it’s something that I have been wanting to write for 8 years now.

It will be worldwide, it will be on all platforms, but all I ask is for your support.

It’s an incredible thing to achieve a couple of dreams you’ve been working toward for almost ten years now, it’s another when people you know are supporting you.

Hopefully you will.

Thanks for reading.