Breaking The Ice

Hello. Here's an Introduction.

Welcome to Daryl+.

I’ve been watching Substack for a while now; seeing friends set up their own account to be weekly newsletters or even blogs to reflect their previous habits at other sites.

In the last few months I decided that it was the right place to move on from Patreon, so I’ve been working on this since November; and now it’s ready to launch.

But why?

I’ve increasingly been wanting to have an outlet that allows me to write posts that are outside of the remit of Stealth, other outlets and general social media sites; Twitter especially.

I want to have a place to post fun content; interesting content; and caring content every month. Content that I can only post here.

Emulators. Gin. Lincoln. UK Topics. Podcasts. Films. Games. Lots more.

That’s what this Substack page will be about.

There’s also other reasons for setting this up.

You may have seen my tweet yesterday that I have written a book. It’s been a dream of mine for years, and between last year to the 10th January, I finally fulfilled it. It still doesn’t seem real.

While it’s in the midst of being proof-read, edited and everything else for its launch, there’s going to be posts only on here that focus only on the book. I’ll be sharing my experiences in starting, planning, struggling, enjoying and above all writing the book I’ve been wanting to create for eight years now, all across the ten months it took me.

In the coming months you’ll see posts in your mailbox that go all into the detail about this, alongside news and special offerings relating to the book.

Myself and the publisher have also been arranging some great things exclusive to members here, which will be announced once they’re ready.

While Patreon offered a podcast feed, it wasn’t the best in customising it to what I wanted and what I was planning. Now that feed will be here; for draft episodes of PAL KEYS 3. And a reboot of The Outpost Show.

I haven’t felt a need to revive that podcast for some time; for one of many reasons, the community of certain Apple fans and some of those involved in podcasts relating to it, did put me off from doing any more. The passive-aggressive replies in their tweets, the overbearing reasons for why they were right about Xbox GamePass on iOS, and so on.

I didn’t have much to say about the iPad anymore as well; it’s a great tablet that’s done its job for me, so doing a Season 4 didn’t make sense to me two years ago.

However, since owning a Gaming PC for a year, writing the book, Stealth, freelance projects and having to edit PAL KEYS on a Mac due to the limitations of iPadOS, I’ve become disillusioned with the iPad, so there’s going to be a couple of changes for the podcast.

It’s going to be a limited series; think WandaVision but without S.W.O.R.D.

Now, usually many would say that they will have an episode out for their podcast on a certain recurring date. Or they will have an episode featuring a particular guest on a certain date.

But I won’t be doing that for Outpost Show.

Instead, I’m going to make a promise to you.

I will create six episodes of The Outpost Show Reboot, and each one will be released when I feel that they’re ready to go, with the series available to listen for subscribers.

This doesn’t mean one episode in March, three in May for example, but lets just say that there will be six episodes throughout 2021.

Episode 1 is already done.

So; why the paywall you ask.

While I could post all of this at my site, it doesn’t feel right to me anymore.

I’ve approached a full year now where my writing has paid my bills, given me Gin, and helped me save towards the Wedding next year.

I don’t see the sense in why all of my words and thoughts should be free.

A quote from ‘The Dark Knight’ comes to mind.

It honestly drives me nuts when I see talented people write passionate, interesting posts, and the only currency they receive is a ‘retweet’ or ‘like’ on Twitter. People should be paid for their time in whatever passion they’re pursuing.

Never feel shy. Never feel guilty about charging for your passion.

But I will state, some posts here will be free, but the majority will be behind a paywall. There’s going to be plenty here to get your money’s worth.

Here’s what I have planned for now:

  1. Exclusive Newsletters every month.

  2. Exclusive Posts that I feel deserve their own space.

  3. Book Things..

  4. A Podcast Feed that will host The Outpost Show Reboot & draft episodes of PAL KEYS.

  5. Stickers if you’d like one. I’ve got loads. Outpost Show stickers are on the way.

  6. Hopefully a nice feeling in your tummy that you’re supporting what I love.

Another aspect of Substack that I really like, is the ability in offering discounts, free trials and lots more.

So now that I have that power, I have set both an introductory price and a trial so you can easily get an idea of what the posts will be for the coming months, and hopefully, you’ll decide to stay around here.

Get 30 day free trial

That’s it for this introduction.

After a very busy January I’m looking forward to sending these to whatever mailbox you’ve set it to.

If you’ve already subscribed; I owe you a pint whenever the world is healed.

If you’re on the trial, enjoy your temporary stay, and I hope you decide to stay here after it concludes.

Look out for all of the content coming very soon.

Thanks for reading.